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Cloud Journey Planning

Microsoft have a well-established, and recently tweaked, Cloud Adoption Framework, sometimes called ‘CAF’ or ‘MCAF’. An 'Adoption Framework' is a mixture of execution advice, documents, best practices, and tools that are designed to make the adoption of cloud services a much smoother and well thought-out process.

I was reading the updates and thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if there was a single poster that showed a detailed flow (but not too detailed) to help track where various customer engagements sit on the framework. From experience as a Solution Architect, a new project or opportunity doesn't always afford you the luxury of running through every element of the MCAF from start to finish. In reality, I find myself trying to figure out the point at which the customer has reached in their "cloud journey" and then see if we can take a step back to address preceding activities that may have been skipped, and then move forward onto the natural next steps.

Here is a visual representation of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to illustrate all the separate aspects in a check-sheet fashion. The idea is to ensure that each topic and essential area of focus is not only included but covered in a logical order.

Tom Cutting - MCAF

Using this image we can see the conversations that need to take place and considerations for each phase that help bolster and support the activities that follow. It's high level, but you can easily appreciate the view of the whole journey and what's involved to achieve the greatest chance of success in your migrations.

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Uncompressed large format image on my GitHub: AzureKloudsShare/Cloud Adoption Check Sheet.png at main · TomCutting/AzureKloudsShare (


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